Essential English

Conversation Expressions/ Collective Nouns/ Everyday Problems/ Excitement, Anger and Anxious/ Expensive or Cheap/ Feelings and Mood/ Global Problems/ Happiness and unhappiness/ Headline Words/ Health and Medicine/ House and at Home/ Periods of Time/ Relationships/ The Six Sense/ The Weather/ Works 

An Idiom means a form of a language or a group of word or a style of expression that have a particular meaning. The Idiom can be different meaning of each its individual word, grammar, and pronunciation.

Word Origins; Roots; Prefixes; Suffixes; Punctuation

Phrasal Verb is a verb that consist of a verb and other elements, typically a proposition or an adverb or a combination of both. The meaning of a phrasal verb is different from the combined means of the individual words.

Advise and advice; Agree; Aggressive and Enthusiastic; Accurate; Empathy and Sympathy; Good and well; Stationary and Stationery; Ultimate and Penultimate

A Vocabulary is the words exist and used in a particular language, subject or sphere of activity or on a particular occasion: Binomials

A Glossary is an alphabetical list of terms with definitions or meanings.

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