Adjectives and Adverbs: quick/ quickly

a. Adverbs are formed from an Adjective + ly: quick/ serious/ careful/ quiet/ heavy/ bad
1. Some adjectives end in ~ly: friendly/ lively/ elderly/ silly/ lovely

b. Adjectives tell us about a noun, use adjectives before nouns: Jon is a careful driver
1. Adverbs tell us about a verb: Jon drove carefully along the narrow road.
2. use adjectives after some verbs, especially be, and also look/ feel/ sound etc. (e.g. I feel happy, The children were playing happily)

c. use adverbs before adjectives and other adverbs. (e.g. reasonably cheap, incredibly quickly)
1. use an adverb before a past participle (injured/ organised/ written etc.) seriously injured, badly organised.

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Idiom 365

Hear something straight from the Horse's Mouth: to hear something from the authoritative source.
Example: I have heard some information yesterday, and it's straight from the horse's mouth.

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