Question Tags (2)

J2. The meaning of a question tag depends on how you say it. If your voice goes down, you are not really asking a question; you are only inviting the listener to agree with you. (e.g. It's a nice day, isn't it? Yes, beautiful.)
a. But if the voice goes up, it is a real question. (e.g. You haven't seen Lisa today, have you? (= Have you by chance seen Lisa today?) No, I'm afraid I haven't.)
b. can use a negative sentence + positive tag to ask for things or information, or to ask somebody to do something. The voice goes up at the end of the tag in sentences like these. (e.g. You haven't got a pen, have you? Yes, here you are.)

J3. After Let's … the question tag is shall we. (e.g. Let's go for a walk, shall we? (the voice goes up))
a. After Don't …, the question tag is will you. (e.g. Don't be late, will you?) (the voice goes down))
b. After I'm …, the negative question tag is aren't I? (= am I not). (e.g. I'm right, aren't I? Yes, you are.) -ing and to ~ (infinitive)

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Idiom 365

Match Made in Heaven: a combination of two people that is perfect in every way
Example: We could win this game perfectly. James and Tom were really a match made in heaven.

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