Reported Speech: tell and say

D. If you say who somebody is talking to, use tell. (e.g. Sonia told me that you were in hospital. (not Sonia said me)) Otherwise use say (e.g. Sonia said that you were in hospital. (not Sonia told that ~))
a. But you can say something to somebody (e.g. Ann said goodbye to me and left. (not Ann said me goodbye))
b. Also use the infinitive (to do/ to stay etc.) in reported speech, especially with tell and ask (for orders and requests) (e.g. Direct: 'Stay in bed for a few days.' the doctor said to me. Reported: The doctor told me to stay in the bed for a few days.)
c. You can also say somebody said (not) to do something (e.g. Jackie said not to tell anyone. (but not Jackie said me))

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Idiom 365

Turn a Blind Eye: to ignore something and pretend you do not see it
Example: How can you turn a blind eye and a deaf ear every now and then?

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