See somebody do and see somebody doing

J4. See somebody do and see somebody doing
a. I saw him do something = he did something (past simple) and I saw his. I saw the complete action from beginning to end. (e.g. he fell off the wall. I saw this. -> I saw him fall off the wall.)

b. I saw him doing something = he was doing something (past continuous) and I saw this. I saw him when he was in the middle of doing it. This does not mean that I saw the complete action. (e.g. He was walking along the street. or I saw this when I drove past in my car. -> I saw him walking along the street.)
c. Sometimes the difference is not important and you can use either form. (e.g. I've never seen her dance. or I've never seen her dancing,)
d. use these structure with see/ hear/ notice/ listen to/ smell/ find. (e.g. I didn't hear you come in. (You come in - I didn't hear this), I could hear it raining. (it was raining - I could hear it))

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Idiom 365

Rise and Shine: someone to get out of bed and get ready for work
Example: We can say "rise and shine" to awaken someone. And "bright and shiny" is a couplet that we use for.

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