Vocabulary: Binominal (linked by words other than and)

E. Binominal: linked by words other than ‘and’
E1. You’ve got your sweater on back to front. (the wrong way)
E2. He won’t help her; she’ll have to sink or swim. (survive or fail)
E3. Slowly but surely, I realized the boat was sinking. (gradually)
E4. Sooner or later, you’ll learn your lesson. (some time/ day)
E5. She didn’t want to be just friends; it had to be all or nothing. (completely or not at all)
E6. Well I’m sorry, that’s all I can offer you; take it or leave it. (accept or reject)
E7. It’s about the same distance as from here to Dublin, give or take a few miles. (perhaps a mile or two more, or a mile or two less)

(Source: English Vocabulary in Use, Cambridge University Press)

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