Idiom – F

Far Cry From: to be very different from something, or a long distance
Example: The public transportation system in this country is a far cry from my country.

Feeding Frenzy: an aggressive attack or unpleasant way to get as much as possible of information about an event.
Example: Don't try to argue with me, it was a feeding frenzy led by the headquarter.

Feeling All In (or be all in): totally exhausted, very tired and unable to do anything more
Example: I'm going home now. I am feeling all in (or I'm all in).

Felt as if my head was going round: feeling dizzy
Example: I suddenly felt as if my head was going round with excitement as I will collect the award.

Field day : an enjoyable day or circumstance
Example: The boss was gone and we had a field day today.

Fixed In Your Ways: not wanting or willing to change how you do things
Example: It is very hard to accept in many times that previously experienced people are fixed in their ways.