Idiom – I

I could eat a horse!: very hungry
Example: I could eat a horse!

I jumped out of my skin: gave a big jump
Example: I jumped out of my skin when I heard the bang.

Icing On The Cake: something positive (or negative) that enhances a situation that's already good (or Bad).
Example: I got a bonus from my job, and the icing on the cake was that there was no red traffic signal while I was returning home.

Idle Hands Are The Devil's Tools: have nothing to do are more likely to get into trouble or commit a crime
Example: The old person taught me that children should always be kept busy, if not, Idle hands are the devil's tools!

If I were in Your Shoes: to tell someone what you would do in their situation:
Example: If I were in your shoes, I think I'd write to the client rather than try to explain over the phone.

in high spirits: happy and cheerful; positive and looking toward the future, despite unhappy circumstances
Example: Everyone seemed to be in high spirits.

In The Bag: is certain that you will get it or achieve it
Example: Once we would get this project award, a big bonus in this year is pretty much in the bag.

In Your Face: very direct and forceful or difficult to ignore
Example: It was going to be a high profile negotiation by the two presidents and was marked by in your face comments from either side before it began.

Its Anyone's Call: A competition where the outcome is difficult to judge or predict.
Example: Who do you think will win this election? Its anyone's call.