Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verb

A Phrasal Verb is a verb that consist of a verb and other elements, typically a proposition or an adverb or a combination of both. The meaning of a phrasal verb is different from the combined means of the individual words.

preliminary Phrasal Verbs...continuously developed and upgraded further......


save up
see off
send back
set off
set up
shop around
show off
show up
shut down
sit down
sleep over
slow down
sort out
split up
stand up
stick to
switch off
switch on


take after
take off
take in
take out
take apart
take back
take down 
take out 
take up
tear up 
tell off 
think back
think over
throw away
tidy up
try on
try out
turn down
turn out
turn round
turn off
turn on
turn up
turn up/ show up


use up


wake up
walk off/ run off/ drive off/ ride off/ go off
walk up
warm up
wash up
wave back/ smile back/ shout back/ write back
wear off
work out
write down