A. Preposition – Time: at for the time of day, on for days and dates, and in for longer periods.
A1. On time: punctual, not late, In time = soon enoughAt the end = at the time when something endsIn the end = finally 

B. Preposition – Position: in, at, on 

C. Preposition – Movement: to, at, in, into. go/ come/ travel (etc.) to a place or event

D. Preposition: by. say how we do something: by

E. Other Prepositions: in, of, on

F. Noun + Preposition: for, of, in, to, with, etc.

G. Adjective + Preposition: of, about, with, at, by

H. Adjective + Preposition: for, to, in, on

I. Verb + Preposition: about, for at, to, from, in, into, of, on, with, etc.

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