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Arthur Swallow Fairs: Antique and Home Shows
Lots Road Auction, Chelsea: Auctions every Sunday
thesaleroom Live online auction
Auctions in London Time out London
Criterion Auctioners & Valuse

Lots Road Auctions – Chelsea



House Auction






Britain's best property auction houses

1. Allsop: everything from individual flats to landlord portfolios
2. Auction House: mostly in London, eastern England, the Midlands and the north
3. Barnard Marcus: handling properties across the UK but auctions all in central London
4. Barnett Ross: north London-based, selling homes requiring renovation to full blocks of apartments;
5. Brendonsauctioneers: Brendons Auctioneers: specialising in low-cost flats and small houses in London suburbs and commuter areas
6 Brown & Co: East Anglia and Midlands auctioneers, specialising in rural property
7 Countrywide: wide range of homes with auctions from Exeter to Glasgow
8 Fox & Sons: homes and shops under the hammer in Southampton
9 Griffiths & Charles: specialising in Worcestershire property, sometimes selling house contents too
10 Hunters: selling homes and shops in York

Car Auction






British Car Auctions
: The UK and Europe's largest used vehicle marketplace
ASM Auto Recycling: Online Salvage Car Auction



Car Boot Sale






Car boot sales or boot fairs are a form of market in which private individuals come together to sell household and garden goods. They are popular in the United Kingdom, where they are often referred to simply as ‘car boots’.